The process for new members is as follows:
– Submit application to US USAR
– Come in for an interview
– Attend Orientation
– Begin 3 month training program

In training, we cover: rules & regulations, wilderness SAR, urban SAR, water SAR, emergency operations, & first aid. If you are interested in joining US USAR in a role other than search & rescue, which may be physically challenging, you can apply to be a member in a support role. Support roles are: office assistance, logistics, communications, & general support of the team.

Teams inside of US USAR include:
– Water Rescue
– General Search & Rescue
– High Angle Rescue
– Structural Collapse

– Must undergo a background check.
– Must serve a probationary period for a minimum of 6 months.
– Must successfully complete the Basic Search and Rescue Training Program.
– Must successfully complete Basic First Aid certification.
– Willingness to attend special details.
– Must be willing to work in a structured departmental environment.
– Willingness to volunteer time, skills, loyalty and effort for the good of the community.

This is a preliminary volunteer application. You also have the ability to attach up to (2) certifications to attach to your application. After this is filled out, expect an e-mail back within 48 hours detailing the next steps.

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