September 21 and 22, 2013 – Austin, TX

US USAR is sponsoring a Vertical Rescue Technician Level 1 class through RTI.  If you have any one interested in this class, e-mail:

Class Description: Two day course covering basic required knowledge and skills necessary to rope rescue concepts .

Covers the following topics:
Personal Safety
Scene Safety
Individual and Team ICS
Size up and pre-planning
Knots and Hitches
Medical Considerations (team and victim)
Victim harness
Rope & Webbing construction & Strengths
Rope and Edge Protection Placement
Hardware familiarization
Equipment Maintenance and Retirement
Belays (top, Psuedo,Conditional)
Belay catch 6’+ fall
Attachment to rope
Rappell multiple devices
Rappell multiple diameter ropes
Self rescue on line
Single Rope Pickoff
Mid Line Belay
Equipment requirements:
long pants and appropriate shirt
hiking boots or tennis shoes
double palm padded leather gloves
rescue or fire helmet
factory sewn recognized rescue harness (type II or III)
adequate health insurance coverage
good physical condition